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Case Study:
Private Label Debit Card Program

Pitney Bowes (Mailing Systems)

Program Name:
Sales Excellence

To design a cutting edge incentive program that communicates objectives,
drives sales and rewards high achievement.

Working closely with the Pitney Bowes Mailing Systems, Robustelli Incentives & Motivation recommended a comprehensive program that features a Private Label Reloadable VISA Debit Card as the primary incentive vehicle. Program participants accumulate dollars on their debit cards for meeting performance objectives established by Pitney Bowes. A custom Intranet site was developed by sister-company Robustelli Multimedia to support the program and serve as a central communications hub for the campaign. Pitney management uses the site to communicate sales, marketing and qualifying product information to the field, while participants can check their individual Sales Excellence debit card account balance and transactions online. Monthly statements are also mailed which include detailed information about funds loaded for specific promotions.

Flexibility, Trophy Value, Customization, Tracking, Choice. The Pitney Bowes Sales Excellence Card is a Private Label Debit Card that carries the VISA logo - the number one payment card used by people around the world. While Visa cards offer exceptional convenience and reliability, the Pitney Bowes Sales Excellence Private Label Debit Card offers additional benefits including custom graphics and branding of Pitney’s corporate logo and program name. Program participants can use their Sales Excellence cards to pay for purchases wherever VISA is accepted. In addition, special merchandise and travel offers exist on the program Intranet site.

Kicked off in June of 2000 to approximately 2000 Pitney Bowes Mailing Systems field sales representatives, the promotion has since grown in scope to include several other Pitney Bowes businesses. These include, but are not limited to, Pitney Bowes Credit Corporation, Pitney Bowes Office Systems and Pitney Bowes Supply Chain. Total cards distributed have exceeded 5,000 and total funds loaded to date are in the multi-million dollar range.