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stored-value cards:

The Robustelli Reward Card delivers the flexibility of cash without the "motivational abyss" of cash!

The Robustelli Reward Card is an excellent incentive vehicle that can be used wherever VISA or MasterCard are accepted. Not to be confused with a credit card, the card is more like an individual account that carries a balance. Funds will be deposited into these accounts through Robustelli Incentives and Motivation in direct relationship to achievement of specific performance goals.

They come in two formats:

  • One Time Load
  • Reloadable

Every card can be customized with a logo and program name, serving to remind the participants that each time the card is used, it is your company that has provided for that purchase.

Perfect for:

  • Incentive Programs
  • Performance Management Programs
  • Customer Acquisition/Retention
  • Rebate/Refund Programs
  • Human Resources/Length of Service Objectives
  • Consumer Promotions
  • T&E Expense Management